Civil Litigation and Appeals

In the event litigation is necessary, we work with our clients to insure that they are in the best possible legal position and bring the matter to court.  We also assist our clients in defending any litigation that may be filed against them.  Notwithstanding our strong advocacy on behalf of our clients, we do not believe that expanding the issues always serves our clients' best interest.  From the pre-suit discussions up through trial, our focus is on getting to a successful resolution that is in our client's best interest.  Our attorneys have experience in all legal venues. From federal and state court at both the trial and appellate levels, to administrative proceedings, the Firm's attorneys vigorously represent our clients.  We represent our clients in matters related to construction law, landlord/tenant, contracts, local government law, and other civil and commercial matters.  We can also provide a Florida Supreme Court Certified mediator to assist other parties who desire an alternative dispute resolution process.

Our appellate practice provides our clients with the ability to seek relief in all federal and state appellate courts.

We recognize that litigation is a costly and time consuming process. That is why we will also encourage our client to seek alternative dispute resolution including, arbitration and mediation.  Several of the attorneys in the Firm serve as mediators and/or special masters in various venues.